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toronto city pass review The Toronto City Pass, is it worth it? This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get at this site so I hope this City Pass review page will thoroughly answer this and whatever other questions you may have about it.

For those that don't want to read my full review the short answer is YES, well kind of. Now that you are totally confused read on..

What is the Toronto City Pass?

If you are planning on spending a few days in the beautiful City of Toronto, Ontario you will undoubtedly want to visit some of the major sights and attractions and have found your way to my website to help guide you into what to see and do. The Toronto City Pass gives you access to 5 of the major Toronto attractions at a reduced rate. The attractions included with the Pass are:
  • CN Tower
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Casa Loma
  • Ontario Science Centre
  • Royal Ontario Museum
Please note that some other websites list the Hockey Hall of Fame as an included attraction but this is not the case and this information is outdated and should be disregarded.

Can I save with the Toronto City Pass?

This is by far the biggest benefit of the Pass as you can save over 40% on regular admission to the various attractions. As of August 2013 the cost of the Pass on my site is $60.89 per adult and $36.14 per child.

Please note that this is US dollars as the owners of the Toronto City Pass are based in the USA. Exchange rates vary but at the time of this article are approximately 1.05 so the cost would be $63.93 + tax and $ 37.95 + tax respectively or $72.24 and $42.88 tax inclusive.

This compares with the following current admission costs at each attraction:

Adult Admission Costs
  • CN Tower $32 + tax adult (online tickets can be purchased for $27.20)
  • Royal Ontario Museum $14.16 + tax (online tickets can be purchased for $18)
  • Casa Loma $18.19 + tax
  • Toronto Zoo $24.78 + tax
  • Ontario Science Centre $19.47 + tax
  • Total admission costs= $ 108.60 + tax = $122.72
Total savings = $50.48 or 41%

Other benefits of the Toronto City Pass

In addition to the discounted admission charges holders of the Pass also enjoy:
  • Skip the Line express entrance at all the attractions
  • ROM - free admission to some special exhibits (audio guide not inclusive)
  • Casa Loma - free admission into the Pellatt film and a free multimedia (audio) guide
  • Toronto Zoo - reduced rates for some attractions including:
    • Conservation Carousel
    • Gorilla Climbs Rope Course
    • Ontario Science Centre - Free admission to special exhibitions including Game On 2.0
While these may not seem like much they do save you money and the skip the line can be a huge bonus especially at crowded attractions.

Are the attractions worth seeing?

As previously mentioned, the Toronto City Pass gives you access to 5 of Toronto's most popular tourist attractions.
  • CN Tower - for a long time the tallest man-made structure in the world this Toronto icon still tops my list of "must see" Toronto attractions. Located right in the heart of the city there is much to see and do at this world famous landmark besides simply going to the observation deck for a view of the city and surrounding region. Find out everything you need to on my CN Tower page.

  • Toronto Zoo - One of the top zoos in the world expect to spend a full day wandering its huge grounds. Located on the outskirts of the city but easily accessible by public transit visitors coming to the city for more than a couple of days should definitely not miss the chance to see the remarkable collection of species the zoo has to offer. Visit my Toronto Zoo page and see why you should designate a full day to make the trip.

  • Casa Loma - A long-time tourist landmark this gothic mansion is not to be missed. If only in the city for a day you must put this on your itinerary. Located close to the downtown area a visit is easily combined with a trip to the CN Tower. Find out everything you need to about the "Castle" on my Casa Loma page.

  • Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) - With out a doubt the premier museum in all of Canada it is on par with other natural history museum icons such as those in New York City, London and Rome. With a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits from various points and locations in history you will spend hours wandering the halls of the ROM. Visit my Royal Ontario Museum page for more information.

  • Ontario Science Center - For me this is the weakest attraction included with the Pass but many will completely disagree and will put the Centre near the top of the list. Taking a "hands-on" and interactive approach to displaying scientific exhibits it definitely is unique in its approach as compared to other science museums. Worth a visit if on an extended stay in the city find out what the Center is all about on my Ontario Science Centre page.
After visiting all of the above-mentioned pages I am sure you will see that the attractions themselves are well worth a visit and some are definitely "must see". There is no doubt that every Toronto visitor will have included at least a couple of these attractions on their itineraries the question then becomes how many can I see. Read below for more information.

How the Toronto City Pass works.

Once you purchase the Toronto City Pass HERE you will be given a voucher for redemption. When you visit your first attraction you will redeem your voucher and have it stamped. The Toronto City Pass is then valid for a further 9 DAYS. You must visit the attractions you wish to see within the next 9 days after which it becomes invalid.

Insiders Tip - As one of the main benefits of the Toronto City Pass is the ability to "skip the lines" at the various attractions I would recommend you visit a less visited attraction first in order to redeem your voucher, otherwise you will still have to stand in a crowded line at a busier attraction simply for redemption. In order of preference for redemption I would list:
  • Casa Loma
  • Ontario Science Centre
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • CN Tower
  • Toronto Zoo

Can I see all the attractions in one day?

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to squeeze all 5 attractions covered by the Toronto City Pass in one day as many will take numerous hours for you to fully appreciate during a visit and they are also located quite some distance apart.

Remember, you do have a full 9 days from the time of redemption to utilize your pass. For those on a time-crunched visit who want to see all of the attractions I recommend the following itinerary:

Day 1

Casa Loma
CN Tower

Then visit some of the other downtown Toronto attractions

Day 2

Toronto Zoo

Dedicate 1 full day to this huge attraction located on the outskirts of the city.

Day 3

Ontario Science Centre
Royal Ontario Museum

This will take up the bulk of the day but will leave you some time to visit some other downtown Toronto attractions.

Toronto City Pass Review conclusion (should I buy it?)

In the end, this is probably the biggest question of all. As you can see from my Toronto City Pass review you will save money ONLY if you are planning to visit at least 4 of the included attractions. You will definitely save if you plan on visiting all 5.

If you are planning on visiting only a few I would recommend you don't buy the Pass but instead visit and see if there are any coupons for the attractions you plan on seeing. There usually is.

Of course I have written this Toronto City Pass review because I believe all the included attractions ARE worth visiting no matter your personal preferences as they are all world class and definitely merit seeing. Time constraints would be the only limiting factor in my opinion.

So in conclusion, for those that have the time to see all the attractions I would say definitely buy the Pass and save yourself some time and money and enjoy some of the best attractions the City of Toronto has to offer.

For more information and/or to purchase the Toronto City Pass visit: Toronto City Pass


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