Greg Frewin Theatre

The International Grand Champion of Magic
right here in Niagara Falls Ontario

greg frewin magic show Performing at the aptly named Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls Ontario Greg Frewin is a Hamilton born illusionist that has been dazzling audiences with his unique combination of magic and comedy for most of his life.

Since being amazed by a simple trick performed by his grandfather when a young boy Greg has carried a passion for studying and learning the art of illusions. His dedication to perfecting his craft has led him to be recognized as amongst the best magicians on the planet and he has garnered numerous awards including:
  • First Place at the IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) competition
  • First Place at the SAM (Society of American Magicians) competition
  • First Place at the FISM (International Federation of Magic Society) competition
These awards and others have led Greg to being called the "best magician in the world" at a recent World Magic Awards and being honored by the IBM with a Gold Medal of Excellence, something it has presented only 4 times in its 65 year existence.

He has traveled extensively around the world and has made numerous television appearances. All this has led Greg to be currently proclaimed as the "International Grand Champion of Magic".

Getting a little bit older and now a family man in 2005 Greg decided to settle down in one location and now performs his magic show at his own 700 seat Greg Frewin Theatre where visitors can either enjoy dinner and the show or simply attend the show.


Location of Greg Frewin Theatre

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Getting to the Greg Frewin Theatre:

Visitors should navigate to Niagara Falls Ontario by their desired method. For more information on getting to the city visit my Niagara Falls Ontario page.

Once in Niagara Falls the Greg Frewin Theatre is located at 5781 Ellen Avenue which is just off the Clifton Hill tourist area. If arriving by car it is very easy to find:
  • Follow the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) to Niagara Falls
  • Exit at Highway 420
  • Turn right at Stanley Avenue
  • Turn left at Ferry Street which soon becomes Victoria Avenue
  • Turn left at Magdalen Street
  • Turn right on Ellen Avenue


Greg Frewin Theatre IMAGINE show

greg frewin theatre The show itself in entitled "IMAGINE" and features numerous disappearing acts, slight of hand tricks, dancers and animals. I recently attended a show and it was opened with a video montage of Greg piloting a helicopter over Niagara Falls. Within the blink of an eye Greg suddenly appeared on stage helicopter and all, a wonderful opening illusion!

He follows this up with a number of "tricks" that include making his dancers "disappear" from numerous boxes and tigers suddenly "appearing" in their place. All this happens in a blink of an eye and definitely has you wondering how this is possible.

He actively participates with his audience and includes randomly picked members to help him perform a number of his illusions. The participants themselves are left dumfounded as to what has just happened right in front of them after he completes one of his illusions.

Illusions I saw him perform include:
  • Having a duck he is holding suddenly appear in a pail held by an audience member

  • Turning a randomly picked audience member's $100 bill into a $1 bill and then back into $100 again.

  • Putting one of his beautiful IMAGINE dancers in a box, fastening her by her feet and neck while two audience members hold her in place. He then proceeds to cut her in half. In a few seconds the two parts are put back together and she suddenly appears "whole" again.

  • Throwing a ball into the audience and then having the holder answer a question from a choice of 3 answers. He does this 4 times then takes all the choices and turns over a deck of cards to reveal he has previously written down their answers.

  • Being chained and locked in a cage while a dancer grinds away at a chain holding back a wall of knives. He narrowly escapes as the wall comes crashing down through the cage. He then suddenly makes the dancer "disappear" and in the blink of an eye she is to be found chained and locked up within the cage.

  • He performs a number of illusions where he makes his dancers "disappear" and tigers suddenly "appear" in their place.

  • Levitating a dancer while she is suspended on a fountain of water. He passes a hoop back and forth around her to demonstrate that there are no wires, ropes and/or tables or anything else suspending her.


greg frewin imagine magic show Many illusions are performed with a comedic element attached and Greg definitely proves to be very entertaining. The show runs for about 90 minutes and is broken into 2 - 45 minute acts with a short intermission in between.

After the show Greg offers a backstage tour where you can meet and greet with both him and some of his animals. There is also an opportunity to have your photo taken with a tiger.

All in all Greg definitely puts on an entertaining show that all people, no matter what their ages, can enjoy. I can't really comment on the dinner as I didn't eat but I talked to a few people who did and they all seemed to enjoy it and commented that it was reasonably priced.

In addition to Greg's IMAGINE magic show the Greg Frewin Theatre also hosts a concert series throughout the year featuring a number of different acts. Performances I saw scheduled include tributes to:
  • Abba
  • U2
  • Elvis
  • The Beatles
  • Bee Gees
  • Supertramp

Greg Frewin is the first "professional" magician I have ever seen and I walked away from his show thoroughly impressed. While maybe not the same caliber as a high-budget Las Vegas performance (just commenting as I have never seen one) the entertainment value is definitely there and I would highly recommend that if you are visiting Niagara Falls Ontario and have a little extra time on your hands pop over to the Greg Frewin Theatre and catch one of his nightly performances.

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