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A complete guide to Ontario Dog Sledding
mush your own team of huskies ...

dog sledding Dog Sledding in Ontario is a unique activity that I’m sure you’ve never really given much though to trying.

Yet imagine mushing your own team of huskies through the forest on a crisp, cold winter day to nothing but the sounds of your dogs and your sled gliding through the snow. Well now you can as this ancient way of travel is alive and well and is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity as the number of outfitters is growing thus making this recreational activity more accessible to the masses.

Most Ontario Canada visitors will most likely not be bringing any sledding equipment but rest assured that all commercial operators not only supply everything needed but also give instructions on how to operate your team prior to embarking on your trip. It is the perfect beginner experience.

While the commercial dog sledding industry in Ontario is centered on Algonquin Park and its surrounding areas there are also other areas that offer these services throughout the province. For those interested in participating in this magnificent sport in Algonquin Park please visit my page at Algonquin Dog Sledding.


Please see below for links to other sled dog services across the Province of Ontario:

Borealis Dog Sled Adventures

Located right in the heart of Sunset Country near Vermillion Bay this outfitter offers full day trips and longer starting from $150. Contact at: Borealis Adventures

Quiet Bay Lodge

This outfitter is located in Magnetawan and offers 1 or 2 hour trips as well as daily excursions starting from $120. Contact at: Quiet Bay Lodge

Woodland Echoes Vacation Cottages

Located just outside of Magnetawan they offer 2-3 hour trips at $265. Contact at: Woodland Echoes Cottages

Singing Dogs

Located on the Bruce Peninsula near the town of Wiarton this outfitter offers hour and longer tours starting from $150. Contact at: Singing Dogs

Windrift Kennel

Located in Moonstone, ½ north of Barrie this outfitter has trips starting from $55 for 30 min. Contact at: Windrift Kennel

Wolf Within Adventures

This Temagami based outfitter is geared more towards longer excursions and has weekend trips and longer starting from $435. Contact at: Wolf Within Adventures

Run Silent

This outfitter is located near Ignace northwest of Thunder Bay and offers ½ day excursions and longer starting at $110. Contact at: Run Silent

Wilderness Adventures

In addition to its Algonquin Park excursions this outfitter also offers trips to remote areas including James Bay expeditions to Moosonee. Contact at: Wilderness Adventures


The great forested Canadian Shield makes for the perfect environment for both animals and sleds: wilderness spaces and lots of snow for long periods of time. As well as those trails in Algonquin Park set aside specifically for sledding the following trails throughout the province also allow sled dog usage:

Bondi Village Resort Trail

This 8 kilometre (4.8 mile) trail is located near the town of Dwight and the Lake of Bays in the Muskoka region.

Bruce County Rail Trail

The trail begins near Port Elgin and ends near Kincardine after an 80 kilomtres (48 miles) journey.

Dogsledding Trail

Located in the Haliburton Highlands near the town of Haliburton this amazing sledding trail stretches for almost 300 kilomtres (180 miles) in length.

Kincardine Trails Association

Located in Kincardine this trail stretches 28 kilomtres (17 miles) in length.

Victoria Rail Trail

Starting near Lindsay in the Kawarthas and ending in Kinmount after ttravelling 85 kilomtres (51 miles) in length.

Cataraqui Regional Conservation Authority

Ontario’s so-called trail into history and nature starts near Smith Falls and is part of the Rideau Heritage Route, ending in Strathcona after traveling 104 kilomtres (62.5 miles) in length.

Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance

Starting near Tweed this is the longest dog sledding trail in the province at 450 kilometres (270 miles) in length.

Welland Canal Parkway East Side Trail

Stretching from Welland to Port Colbourne at 20 kilometres (12 miles) long.

Park to Park Trail

This trail starts near Parry Sound and connects Killbear Provincial Park to Algonquin Provincial Park over 230 kilometres (138 miles) away.

Lake Superior Trapper’s Trail

This short trail near Wawa is only 1.5 kilomtres (0.8 miles) in length and follows the shore of Lake Rustle in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Brant Tract Trails

This trail is located near Paisley and is 25 kilomtres (15 miles) long.

There are also a number of other non-groomed dog sled trails throughout the province. There is also a full dog sledding racing circuit in Ontario as part of a larger sled dog racing circuit. Check out the Ontario Federation of Sleddog Sports at: for the full racing circuit and schedule.


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