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camping in ontario Camping in Ontario is relatively inexpensive and is a great way to experience the province. Among locales camping is a summertime tradition as there is nothing better than sitting near a quiet body of water next to an open campfire under the clear skies of a warm Canadian night.

While most first time visitors will forego camping as they will undoubtedly want to visit the major sites such as: Toronto, Niagara Falls and Ottawa, for many repeat visitors getting to experience the great Canadian outdoors is what visiting Ontario is all about. You can however, still get to see all the major sites the province has to offer and enjoy camping as facilities are in abundance and there is always a good choice of camping locations near every major site or city in the province.

Camping is big business in Ontario and there is a vast choice as to where and what type of accommodations a potential camper can partake in. From family campgrounds in rental RV’s (recreational vehicles) to roughing it along a riverside in a small tent amongst virgin forests the province has something to offer for every camping enthusiast.

If you decide to partake in an Ontario camping vacation you must first decide on a few different things such as:
  • What part(s) of the province you will visit
  • Type of camping in Ontario experience you wish to partake in (accommodations and facilities)
  • Equipment needs
  • Safety concerns


  1. What part of Ontario to visit

    Ontario is a huge province and unless you have many weeks and/or months to spend time exploring there is simply no way to discover the province in its entirety in one vacation. It is best to pick one or two regions and leisurely visit the different sites and attractions rather than trying to cram in too much and having to travel across great distances to spend a short time at one location.

    This is especially true if you are on a camping vacation, as you will have to continually pack up and set up your gear as you move from location to location. For experienced campers this is probably not an issue but for those not used to camping regularly this will consume some precious time that could otherwise be utilized for further exploration.

    If you are planning an overnight stop in Algonquin Park camping will likely be your choice of accommodation as there are only limited facilities inside the park for non-campers.

  2. Type of camping experience

    For many people camping means: “roughing it” by spending a night or two in a tent under the stars. For others it means pulling up to a campground in an RV of some sort and hooking up the utilities to enjoy all the comforts of home.

    Once you decide on what type of camping in Ontario experience you wish to partake in and in what general areas you wish to visit you can then decide on what facilities or activities you desire to help you narrow down the choices to your ultimate camping destination.

    Most Ontario campgrounds offer some sort of basic facilities and many have activities on site such as: canoeing, boat rentals, fishing etc. Determine what you want to see and do then pick the campground that most satisfies these requirements.

  3. Equipment Required

    For most visitors to Ontario Canada that plan a camping trip a sleeping bag will be the only camping equipment they will bring, everything else will either be rented or purchased on site as required. Luckily, quite a few Ontario campgrounds provide access to everything you will need to fully enjoy your camping in Ontario experience. From tents, cooking gear to RV’s and everything else in-between rest assured that if you desire it, it can be readily attained.

  4. Safety

    Safety is always a concern when undertaking a camping in Ontario excursion. This is especially true for those heading to the far north but it also should not be overlooked no matter where the final destination ends up being.

    For the most part safety has more to do with human error and carelessness than it has to do with the dangers of being in the wild. Danger from wildlife is minimal in the province. Accidents do occur when humans and wildlife interact but for the most part the animals try to stay as clear as possible from close human contact.

    It should be noted however that wildlife such as: black bears, moose, wolves and elk are very large creatures that can cause serious injuries and even death when provoked and/or disturbed. If you do encounter one of these species use care and try to avoid them as much as possible. Precautions such as proper garbage disposal and food storage will prevent most dangerous encounters.

    Most danger occurs in the activities that people partake in when camping. Swimming, canoeing, hiking etc. are not dangerous in themselves but can be when performed in unfamiliar areas without proper safety concerns, especially by relatively inexperience participants. Care should always be taken and activities should never be undertaken alone, at least the without knowledge of some other individual or group.

    Always inform someone when taking off into the wilderness. This is especially true if camping in the more northern areas of the province as the chance of getting lost and exposed to the elements increase dramatically as you truly are “in the middle of nowhere”. Plan for your trip, bring the necessary equipment, always have safety concerns in mind and you should have a wonderful Ontario camping experience.


Once you have broken down your needs and requirements it is then time to decide where you are actually going to stay. As previously mentioned there is a multitude of camping options in the province from private campgrounds to Provincial Parks. I cannot possibly list every site available but have attempted to create as complete a resource as possible so you can fully plan your trip utilizing this site. For more information to help you further visit some of my camping in Ontario pages below.


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