Algoma Country

Pristine wilderness and breathtaking scenery
along the rugged shores of Lake Superior

algoma country
The Algoma Country is a huge expanse of old growth boreal forest with an amazing abundance of wildlife running north of Sault Ste Marie along the northern shore of eastern Lake Superior to the town of White River, then north past Hearst and as far east as the town of Elliot Lake.

The northeastern shore of Lake Superior has some spectacular scenery, two great places to view the rugged shoreline are: Lake Superior Provincial Park and Pancake Bay Provincial Park between Sault Ste. Marie and the town of Wawa. Both are easily accessible as the Trans – Canada Highway (Highway 17) runs right through them as it skirts the Lake Superior shoreline.


Location of the Algoma Country

algoma country map


Hunting, fishing, canoeing, canoeing and other outdoor activities are the backbone of the local economy as people from across the globe flock to the area to partake in their favorite activities in an environment like nowhere else.

This huge wilderness area has numerous operators offering various products such as excursions to remote fly-in fishing and hunting lodges to ice fishing and snowmobiling. The Algoma Country is a year-long nature lover’s paradise...

algoma country

All told, 13 provincial parks are located within this northern Ontario region including the Chapleau Game Preserve, bigger than any other including those in Africa, it is the world’s largest game reserve and occupies over 2 million acres. This remote preserve just east of Wawa has such an abundance of wildlife that visitors are almost guaranteed an encounter with one or two species.

Of course, not all of the region is pristine wilderness, humans do inhabit the area albeit sparsely. The main towns in the area are: Sault Ste. Marie (the only city of any significant size), Wawa and Elliot Lake.

Other attractions in the area include the beautiful Agawa Canyon and countless cascading waterfalls, streams and lakes.


Getting to Algoma Country:

By Car:

Getting to the heart of the region is a good 9 hours drive from Toronto. There are actually two main routes to take from Toronto to “The Soo” (Sault Ste. Marie).

The most popular and direct route is to leave Toronto and head north on Highway 400 continuing north when it turns into Highway 69. Upon reaching Sudbury take the Trans – Canada Highway West (Highway 17) right past the gateway to the region in Elliot Lake into Sault Ste. Marie.

The second route is a bit longer and only available in the summer but is definitely more scenic.
  • Get out of Toronto on Highway 427 North then head west on Highway 401 to Highway 410.

  • Head north and once past the City of Brampton it turns into Highway 10. Continue on Highway 10 until reaching the Town of Owen Sound. Highway 10 will end at Highway 21.

  • Take Highway 21 West until reaching Highway 6 North. Follow this road until you reach land’s end at the Town of Tobermory.

  • You then have to embark on the MS Chi-Cheemaun, a car ferry that makes the journey across “The Main Channel”, the Georgian Bay – Lake Huron straits, from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island in approximately 2 hours. For more information on the ferry visit

  • After disembarking the ferry in the Town of South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island you continue north on Highway 6 just past the Town of Espanola at which time you take the Trans – Canada Highway (Highway 17) West to Sault Ste. Marie.

By Air:

If you have less time you can fly but here is really only 2 airports of any size in the whole district. Most likely you would be flying into the City of Sault Ste. Marie. As this is a small airport if you are traveling directly into “The Soo” a transfer in Toronto will most likely occur.

By Public Transport:

There is no train service into “The Soo” but there is a daily bus service from Toronto provided by Greyhound Lines of Canada.


Algoma Country is really geared to the outdoor adventurist where activities such as fishing, hunting, camping and boating reign supreme.

Most out of country travelers not seeking this type of adventure would probably not put a trip to this region on their itinerary. Yet for those seeking an outdoor adventure vacation few areas on earth can match the spectacular raw beauty of Northern Ontario’s Algoma Country. If you would like more information about this northern Ontario region the website: should provide relevant information or visit my Algoma Country pages below.


Algoma Country Attractions

Agawa Canyon

One of the premier attractions in the region is undoubtably the beautiful Agawa Canyon. A very special journey can be undertaken to reach this remote natural wonder by taking the Agawa Canyon Tour Train. Get all the information you need about the canyon and train on my Agawa Canyon page.

Fort St Joseph

Fort St Joseph played an important role in the history and formation of Canada. While little remains at its remote location near Sault Ste. Marie it is in a beautiful natural setting. Get all the information you need about this National Historic Site on my Fort St Joseph page.

Chapleau Game Reserve

The world's largest wildlife game reserve is located right here in Ontario near the remote, small northern town of Chapleau. Loaded with large animals, you are almost guaranteed a black bear or moose sighting. A true Canadian wilderness experience get all the information about the preserve on my Chapleau Game Reserve page.

Missinaibi Provincial Park

A huge waterway and wildlife park on the historic Missinaibi River, the longest undeveloped waterway in the Province. A canoeists paradise it is rich in heritage and also has a unique collection of aboriginal pictographs. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing park on my Missinaibi Provincial Park page.


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